Anodos helps trustees make good decisions

Anodos helps trustees understand their legal obligations, develop procedures to meet these obligations and acts as a trustee representative to execute these governance disciplines. What makes us unique is this is all we do. We don’t manage money, sell insurance or accept referral fees. We don’t have a horse in the race.


Conduct manager performance audits

We help trustees determine if their investment manager is acting in accordance with the established parameters of the delegation.


Administer manager searches (RFPs)

Through a process of thoughtful deliberation, we help trustees find the right investment manager based on their unique needs and timing.


Develop governance policies and procedures

We help trustees develop governance policies and procedures that ensure the trustee is administering the trust with prudence.


Evaluate trustee's books and records

Beneficiaries have a right to review the trustee’s books and records. We help maintain these in case the beneficiaries or their legal counsel start asking tough questions.

We reduce your risk

We reduce your risk by developing and executing on the procedures that you should have adopted.

We save you time

We save you time because you don’t have room in your busy schedule to become a fiduciary governance expert like we are.

We help you act with prudence

We help you do good for the settlor who named you as trustee and for the beneficiaries relying on you to protect their interest.


"Not only does this firm understand the fiduciary duty issues thoroughly; they are enormously helpful in applying the standards of care to a particular situation. Perhaps most helpful is their willingness to accommodate our schedule. Overall a very positive experience and an excellent work product."

- Scott S.

Esq. and Trustee (Massachusetts)

"I had a nagging feeling that the investment manager the prior trustee was using wasn't very good, but I could never prove it. It was helpful to have Anodos do a thorough, independent review of the facts."  

- Greg H.

CPA and Trustee (California)

"Having Anodos help us conduct our manager search gave the Fiduciary Committee a great sense of peace that we were fulfilling our ERISA duties of care during this important transition."  

- Samir G.

CPA and Trustee (California)