Resources for ERISA Trustees

Fiduciary Governance for an ERISA Trustee or “Why Size Doesn’t Matter”

In this ebook, we’ll provide a clear roadmap to help ERISA trustees understand their five core duties of care, and more importantly, how to fulfill these duties.

Case Briefs: Seminal Court Cases for ERISA Trustees

These case briefs will teach you what courts look for with regard to each of the plan trustee’s key duties of care, what constitutes a breach of duty, and what elements of a governance process are necessary for “prudent administration.”

Video: Balancing an ERISA Plan's Risk and Return Objectives

This video will discuss what to look for in the Plan Document regarding risk and return objectives, how ERISA code can be translated into a policy for balancing risk and return, and governance procedures that can protect the plan against unacceptable risk.

White Paper: Statutory Considerations for a Plan Trustee

This content will teach you what specifically the trustee’s duties are, how the U.S. Code and CFR correspond to each other and each duty, and how the trustee and investment committee might establish a policy addressing each duty.

Sample RFP: Sample Fiduciary Governance Consultant RFP

This sample RFP will outline which questions to ask a fiduciary governance consultant, assess whether the consultant can meet the needs of the plan, and fulfill the plan trustee’s duty of care as it relates to the selection and monitoring of vendors.


Bulletins: DOL Guidelines for ERISA Plan Trustees

These bulletins will help you select and monitor plan consultants, understand retirement fees and expenses, and make informed decisions about plan services, the cost of such services, and the service providers.