Fiduciary Audit for Individual Trustees

The Fiduciary Audit helps trustees fullfill their duties with prudence and care.

Whether you serve as a trustee or have clients who are trustees, you understand the complexities and risks of occupying this office. Few trustees have the time or experience to become fiduciary governance experts, and the consequences of missing a step can be serious. A prudent trustee will develop a record that demonstrates (1) they understand each of their distinct duties of care and (2) have taken affirmative steps to fulfill them. If followed, this process demonstrates the trustee has acted prudently and in good faith.


We gather data to understand the terms of the trust, the beneficiary needs, the assets of the trust, and the trustee's administrative principles.


We identify each of the key administrative decisions the trustee has made and relate those to the specific duties of care noted in the state's adopted Prudent Investor Act.


We develop a compliance library that demonstrates the trustee has recognized each of their distinct duties of care and taken steps to fulfill each of these duties.

“My attorney didn’t know the answers to my questions. And the referral from my attorney didn’t know the answers. But the Anodos team had an intimate understanding of the investment, tax and governance issues I was facing as a trustee.”  

- Gilbert F.


"Not only does this firm understand the fiduciary duty issues thoroughly; they are enormously helpful in applying the standards of care to a particular situation. Perhaps most helpful is their willingness to accommodate our schedule. Overall a very positive experience and an excellent work product."

- Scott S.

Esq. and Trustee (Massachusetts)

"I had a nagging feeling that the investment manager the prior trustee was using wasn't very good, but I could never prove it. It was helpful to have Anodos do a thorough, independent review of the facts."  

- Greg H.

CPA and Trustee (California)

"Having Anodos help us conduct our manager search gave the Fiduciary Committee a great sense of peace that we were fulfilling our ERISA duties of care during this important transition."  

- Samir G.

CPA and Trustee (California)

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