Resources for Individual Trustees

Ebook: The CPA and Attorney’s Introduction to Serving as a Trustee

In this ebook, we’ll provide a clear roadmap to help trustees understand their five core duties of care, and more importantly, how to fulfill these duties.

Video: How to Set a Reasonable Distribution Rate for a Trust

In this video, we outline a process which helps trustees navigate each of the competing considerations when establishing a distribition rate for a trust.

Video: Balancing Risk and Return for the Trust

In this video, we outline a process which helps the trustee measure whether excessive risk was taken or insufficient return was realized.


White Paper: Understanding the Trustee's Duty to Diversify

In this professional white paper, we will explore those instances where it would not be prudent to diversity the trust assets.


Market Study: Average Investment Management Fees

In this market study by AdvisorHQ, they collected data from investment advisers across the country to identify industry-average fee levels for a range of portfolio sizes. This data can help you verify if your fees are consistent with industry norms.


Template: Investment Manager Selection RFP

This sample RFP will help you identify 27 questions every prudent trustee will ask, create the record that you acted thoughtfully in the manager selection, and establish the basis for ongoing monitoring of the manager’s activities.

Fiduciary Risk Diagnostic for Individual Trustees

Few trustees have the time or experience to become fiduciary governance experts, and the consequences can be serious. Take a risk diagnostic to verify that you havn’t overlooked any key responsibilities.