Manager Audit

The Manager Audit helps investors know if their manager is doing the job they were hired to do.

Few investors have taken the time to develop a clear job description and set of key performance indicators their investment manager is being hired to produce. This lack of accountability leads to a misalignment of responsibilities where the investment manager is left to evaluate their own effectiveness. If we would not allow an employee to evaluate themselves why do we allow investment managers to do so?


Data Collection

First, we gather data from the client, their investment manager and public data bases.



Next, we analyze the data within the context of the four key elements of the investment process; risk/return, fee, diversification and operational considerations.



Finally, we develop an audit report with the specific observations and recommendations drawn from this investigation.

“My attorney didn’t know the answers to my questions. And the referral from my attorney didn’t know the answers. But the Anodos team had an intimate understanding of the investment, tax and governance issues I was facing as a trustee.”  

- Gilbert F.


"Not only does this firm understand the fiduciary duty issues thoroughly; they are enormously helpful in applying the standards of care to a particular situation. Perhaps most helpful is their willingness to accommodate our schedule. Overall a very positive experience and an excellent work product."

- Scott S.

Esq. and Trustee (Massachusetts)

"I had a nagging feeling that the investment manager the prior trustee was using wasn't very good, but I could never prove it. It was helpful to have Anodos do a thorough, independent review of the facts."  

- Greg H.

CPA and Trustee (California)

"Having Anodos help us conduct our manager search gave the Fiduciary Committee a great sense of peace that we were fulfilling our ERISA duties of care during this important transition."  

- Samir G.

CPA and Trustee (California)

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Is there a job description for my manager?


How do I test whether the job is being done?


When, if ever, should my manager be fired?