Resources for Investment Manager Audits

Benchmarking Principles and Construction

The evaluation of an investment manager requires tools for determining whether or not the manager took appropriate risk to earn the return needed in accomplishing the investor’s objectives. Without these benchmarking tools, no objective judgment about risk and return can be made. Without a plumb line it is impossible to know if the wall is straight.

Trust But Verify: Do Private Equity and Hedge Funds Deliver Superior Risk-adjusted Returns?

For years, the investment industry has promoted the virtues of hedge funds and private equity funds for large instructional investors and ultra high net worth individuals. But over the last few years these products have come under increased scrutiny because the hoped-for benefits have, for the most part, not materialized.

Investment Manager Request for Proposal Template

The prudent selection of an investment manager will often require a Request for Proposal (RFP) process amongst multiple candidates to determine who is most suitable and qualified to manage the assets. Following is a questionnaire tool that we use as we conduct a manager search.

White Paper: When Should You Fire Your Investment Manager?

It will be time to part ways with your investment manager when, over a protracted period of time, your investment manager has been unable to accomplish the job they were hired to do. The problem is knowing how to define that job description and measure the manager’s activities and performance against it.

Market Study: Average Investment Management Fees

A prudent investor will know what they are paying in fees. But few investors can identify who is being paid what, and whether those costs are reasonable. In this market study, we examine data from investment advisers across the country to identify industry-average fee levels for a range of portfolio sizes.

Video: 4 areas of your portfolio to review each year

We all want a big portfolio to keep us safe when we get old. Most people hire a money manager to help with this. Of course, money managers feel that they are doing a good job, but it’s a good idea to confirm that is the case. There are four key areas that should be reviewed each year.

Free Consultation: Is your Investment Manager Doing a Good Job?

Set up a complimentary call to answer the following: Is the portfolio design consistent with your investment objectives and principles? Was the risk that was taken appropriate given the return that the manager captured? Are there any redundancies, concentration or gaps in the strategies and holdings within the portfolio?