Anodos helps trustees do their job with excellence.

We help trustees save time, reduce risk, and fulfill their fiduciary duties. What makes us unique is that trustee governance support is all we do.

What We Do

We develop policies, execute procedures, and maintain a compliance library for trustees.

Who We Help

Individual trustees (family members, attorneys, CPAs), ERISA fiduciaries, foundation and endowment board members, and business managers.

How We're Different

Trustee governance is all we do. We don’t manage money, sell insurance or accept referral fees. We don’t have a horse in the race.

Not only does this firm understand the fiduciary duty issues thoroughly; they are enormously helpful in applying the standards of care to a particular situation. Perhaps most helpful is their willingness to accommodate our schedule. Overall a very positive experience and an excellent work product.

Scott S.

Esq. and Trustee

I had a nagging feeling that the investment manager the prior trustee was using wasn't very good, but I could never prove it. It was helpful to have Anodos do a thorough, independent review of the facts.

Greg H.

CPA and Trustee

My attorney didn’t know the answers to my questions. And the referral from my attorney didn’t know the answers. But the Anodos team had an intimate understanding of the investment, tax and governance issues I was facing as a trustee.

Gilbert F.


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The trustee’s duty to diversify or “Too much of a good thing?”

Statutory Consideration: Section 2(c)(5) of the Uniform Prudent Investor Act directs, “A trustee shall diversify the investments of the trust unless the trustee reasonably determines that, because of...

A Trustee’s Duty to Monitor Investment Agents

Duty to Monitor Investment Agents: Section 9(a)(2,3) of the UPIA directs that a trustee shall establish “… the scope and terms of the delegation, consistent with the purposes...

Being a trustee is hard.

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