Investment Governance for Trustees

Anodos develops and maintains an investment governance process for trustees so that their fiduciary duties are fulfilled.

What We Do

We develop policies, execute procedures, and maintain a compliance library for trustees.

Who We Help

We do this work for individual trustees, ERISA fiduciaries, foundation and endowment board members, and business managers.

How We're Different

Investment governance is all we do. We don’t manage money, sell insurance or accept referral fees. We don’t have a horse in the race.

Featured Articles

It’s harder to be a trustee than to go down steps on a pogo stick

It’s harder to be a trustee than to go down steps on a pogo stick

The Problem: You are a trustee. You said "Yes" when a family member, close friend, or client asked you if you would serve as their successor trustee. Now,...
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Investment Advisor Annual Review (Duty to Monitor)

A trustee has a duty to act prudently when they delegate investment responsibilities to third parties. One of these duties is "…establishing the scope and terms of the...
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A Trustee’s Duties when the Portfolio has a Lower Return than Projected

A trustee has a duty to establish return objectives consistent with the trust purposes, terms, distribution requirements and other considerations. But as all trustees know the outcome is...