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Duty to Balance Risk and Return

UPIA §2(b) re Duty to Balance Risk and Return

The preamble to the Uniform Prudent Investor Act notes, “The tradeoff in all investing between risk and return is identified as the fiduciary's central consideration.” For most trustees determining the...
prudent delegation of investment duties

UPIA §9 re Prudent Delegation of Investment Duties

Many trustees implicitly trust the investment manager to whom investment duties have been delegated. They trust that the manager’s strategy is reasonable. They trust that the return the manager produced...
Duty to Pay Only Fair Fees

UPIA §7 re Duty to Pay Only Fair Fees

“Wasting beneficiaries' money is imprudent. In devising and implementing strategies for the investment and management of trust assets, trustees are obliged to minimize costs” (National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform...