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Employee Review

Sample Delegation of Investment Duties

This sample document identifies the elements of a prudent delegation of investment duties. Without a “job description”, how can any employee know what they are being hired to accomplish, and how can periodic reviews be conducted?

1 - Fat Pig

Helping a Portfolio Grow

The money manager’s job is to care for your portfolio as if it was was their own.  But we know that no one is going to care for your portfolio like you do.  Of course, the money manager feels they’re doing a great job, but it’s a good idea to confirm if that’s the case.


Market Study: Average Investment Management Fees

In this market study by AdvisorHQ, they collected data from investment advisers across the country to identify industry-average fee levels for a range of portfolio sizes. This data can help you verify if your fees are consistent with industry norms.


Investment Governance Overview

It’s difficult to answer the question, “Is my investment advisor doing a good job?” Predictably, all investment advisors report that they are “doing great” and are “above average.” In this free White Paper, we’ll address this difficult issue.

What to Monitor

Trust But Verify: Do Private Equity and Hedge Funds Deliver Superior Risk-adjusted Returns?

For years, the investment industry has promoted the virtues of hedge funds and private equity funds for large instructional investors and ultra high net worth individuals. But over the last few years these products have come under increased scrutiny because the hoped-for benefits have, for the most part, not materialized.

governance support for erisa trustees

The CPA and Attorney’s Introduction to Serving as a Trustee

In this ebook, we’ll provide a clear roadmap to help trustees understand their five core duties of care, and more importantly, how to fulfill these duties.

Kings Clothes

Benchmarking Principles and Construction

The evaluation of an investment manager requires tools for determining whether or not the manager took appropriate risk to earn the return needed in accomplishing the investor’s objectives. Without these benchmarking tools, no objective judgment about risk and return can be made. Without a plumb line it is impossible to know if the wall is straight.