SAMPLE Proposal Letter for a Trustee

Sample Document

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As part of the governance support service we help our clients document the answers to these frequently asked questions:

  1. What distribution rate is appropriate from the trust?
  2. What level of liquidity should I have as a contingency for periods of economic recession?
  3. Is the trust corpus adequately diversified?
  4. If the trust is not diversified, is there a rational basis for the concentration in core legacy holdings?
  5. Is the fee that I am charging as trustee fair?
  6. If an investment advisor has been hired to manage a portion of the trust assets, how do I know they are doing a good job?

If you want to know more about the service, select the link below to see a draft Engagement Letter.

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We do what trustees should do, but don't know how

Anodos develops and maintains an investment governance process for trustees so that their fiduciary duties are fulfilled.